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Frequently asked questions

    • What is Video Wiz and what does it do?

      Video Wiz is a tool that allows you to summarize YouTube videos and ask follow-up questions without watching the entire video. It's designed to save you time and make your learning more efficient.

    • How do I start using Video Wiz?

      Simply enter the URL of the YouTube video or channel into the input box on our website and click 'Summarize'.

    • Is Video Wiz free to use?

      Yes, Video Wiz offers a free version. We also offer a premium version with additional features.

    • How accurate are the video summaries?

      Our AI-powered summaries are designed to capture the main points of the videos. We are constantly improving our AI to make the summaries more accurate.

    • Can I ask questions about an entire channel, or just individual videos?

      You can currently ask questions about individual videos. Asking questions about the entire channels or a custom playlist is coming soon

    • How do I subscribe to receive summaries for new videos via email?

      When you summarize a video, you can opt-in to receive summary of new videos by email. This feature is coming soon.

    • How quickly can I receive a summary after a video is uploaded?

      For subscribed channels, you should receive the email summary within an hour of the video's upload.

    • Can I receive summaries via SMS?

      You can text a video URL to our SMS number and receive a summary via SMS. This feature is coming soon.

    • Is there a limit to how many videos or channels I can query?

      Free users have a monthly limit, while paid users have a higher limit. Check our pricing page for details.

    • Do I need to install anything to use Video Wiz?

      No, Video Wiz is a web-based service. We're also releasing a Chrome extension soon.

    • Is my data safe with Video Wiz?

      Yes, we take data privacy seriously. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

    • What kind of access do you have to my YouTube account?

      We don't have access to your YouTube account. We only generate summaries based on the video URLs you provide.

    • What extra features do premium users get?

      Premium users can receive personalized summaries & answers based on their background and learning goal. They also have a higher query limit and exclusive access to early launches. Visit our pricing page for more information.

    • How do I get in touch if I have issues or more questions?

      You can contact us through the support section on our website or email us at